Four Painting Tips For Those With Limited Mobility

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Four Painting Tips For Those With Limited Mobility

Four Painting Tips For Those With Limited Mobility

7 July 2015
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If you are hoping to paint the interior of your home, this might seem daunting if you have physical limitations. There are a few tricks and tools out there that can help make this project possible. Here are four painting tips for those with limited mobility.

1. Break up Projects

If you have a bad back or sore knees, don't overextend yourself with prolonged painting. This might seem like a project that doesn't take much overexertion, but with long periods of time standing or kneeling, the pressure on joints can build up. Be sure to take breaks and don't try to paint the entire interior of your home in one weekend.

2. Invest in Step Ladders and Stools

Painting involves quite a bit of reaching and bending over, but don't do more than you have to. If you can have a smaller step ladder along with your standard ladder, you can use this for balance while painting entryways and door frames. A stool is good to have around for this as well, but also so you can sit while painting lower walls and baseboards. Don't force yourself into a crouch position if you know you'll be sorry later.

3. Painting Extension Handles

You might have been able to paint a room a few years back with just a paint brush or a standard roller, but there are many helpful handles and extenders that can make your work much easier. Don't contort your body to fit into weird corners or overreach getting ceilings. Make sure that you are prepared with the right painting supplies before you start so that your brushes and rollers can do most of the work for you.

4. Help With Prep Work

If you are looking forward to the calm act of painting but can't do all of the prep yourself, call in some help to get your home ready for painting. It's great if you have a family member that can do some of the legwork, but if not, all is not lost. Hire on an hourly worker through an online task-based site. A handyman can carry paint, tape down plastic and even place painter's tape around edges if it is hard to get tape in place yourself.

If you are hoping to paint multiple rooms or have extremely high ceilings, this might be a better job for a professional, like those at All Seasons Painting & Decorating. Sometimes it makes more sense financially to hire on a painter for a job outside of your scope. If you do want to try to tackle painting yourself, there are options for smaller projects even with physical limitations.

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