Four DIY Exterior Painting Projects

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Four DIY Exterior Painting Projects

Four DIY Exterior Painting Projects

8 July 2015
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If you want your home to have a fresh look without the overhaul of an entire paint job, there are smaller accents that you can do yourself. Your home will benefit from a few smaller projects that can update the exterior. Here are four smaller DIY paint jobs that you can do yourself to update the look of your home.

1. Make a Statement With Your Garage Door

A great way to make your home look more alive is to paint the garage door. This can be a color that complements the trim, or something that will stand out. If you are tackling this project in the summer or over the holidays, you can make this more fun by letting your kids get creative with a mural for a few days, then painting over this with your color of choice.

2. Painting Trims for an Interim Upgrade

If your home is a boring white or brown color, you might want to shake this up but don't want to paint everything. A great way to help your home look updated is with a bold trim. This can be a longer project depending on the size of your home and how many door and window frames you have to tackle. This can be a great interim upgrade in between larger paint jobs.

3. Front Door Accent

If you always have trouble explaining to people which house on the block is yours, set yourself apart and paint your front door a fun color. It will be easy to say, 'The one with the red door!' when directing folks on how to find your home. This will add a little color to your home and can make your entryway more inviting.

4. Update Your Patios and Staircases

If your patios or stairwell leading up to your front door are shabby or have chipped paint, this can be a great weekend project. Be sure to sand down patios first in order to have a good surface to start with. For stairs, make sure you use a paint that can absorb into wood or cement in order to avoid a slick surface that might cause accidents.

If you have a weekend free and your home just needs a touchup, these are projects that you can do with the entire family. Paint stores will be happy to offer up advice on specific painting supplies and exterior paints for specific surfaces as well. Sometimes small accents can make a big difference, so don't underestimate a DIY painting project. 

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