Spice Up Your Life: How To Paint Stripes

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Spice Up Your Life: How To Paint Stripes

Spice Up Your Life: How To Paint Stripes

7 October 2015
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Stripes in various rooms of the home have quickly become a popular decor choice for room paint. If you paint vertical stripes in a room, it can make the ceiling look higher, and horizontal stripes can add the illusion of a more spacious room. They also give your home a sense of whimsy and creativity, and can really add to the overall look of your home. Once you've chosen the paint colors you'd like to use, it's time to get down to business.


Before you begin painting, clear everything out of the room and lay down protective tarps to protect the floor. Wipe the walls and baseboards down thoroughly and let them dry if you use water to clean them off. Paint needs a clean, dry surface to adhere properly. Tape the edges of the baseboards to prevent excess paint from getting on them while you work. You will want to begin the stripes painting process by painting the walls in the lighter of the two colors you've chosen. 

Creating the Stripes

After you've painted the walls with the base color and let them dry, it's time to prepare the walls for marking the stripes. You can choose any number of widths for the stripes, but a four or twelve inch width is ideal. Anything too small and narrow can make the room look too overwhelming and could also be more difficult and time consuming. Anything too wide can make the stripes look "lost." Use a tape measure to carefully mark the corners where your stripes will begin. Make sure you do this carefully and with a pencil, and be sure the measurements are correct. Then, you can continue across or down the walls using a straight edge or level and painter's tape.

The Painting Process

When you're ready to begin painting the darker colored stripes, be sure to use a smaller sized roller or brush so that you don't end up accidentally painting outside the lines. It is recommended that you paint over the tape a bit to ensure that the paint is fully covering the area where the stripe needs to be. Take your time and go slowly to avoid painting over the marked area. If you feel more comfortable, you can paint one stripe at a time and wait for it to dry before you paint the next one. Leave the tape marking the stripes in place until you've completed each stripe fully. Peel it back slowly and you'll reveal your newly painted, striped room!

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