3 Benefits Of Powder Coating Service

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3 Benefits Of Powder Coating Service

3 Benefits Of Powder Coating Service

9 November 2015
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If you are looking to handle any sort of paint job on your terms, you owe it to yourself to use the best technique and service. For instance, one of the best things you can do is take advantage of powder coating. Powder coating allows you to have powdered, dry paint applied, as opposed to traditional wet paint. Use the information laid out below so that you are able to reap these benefits of powder coating. 

Benefit #1: Powder Coating Service Is Longer Lasting, With Greater Durability

When you apply regular wet paint, you will deal with things like fading, peeling and cracking, at a greater level. From a statistical perspective, powder coating has 60 percent more resistance against solvents, has a 74 percent better likelihood of avoiding damage to salt spray and an overall better 94 percent resistance to impact. This will allow you to get better production and more vibrant color from your paint products. This way, your paint job will last the long haul, especially if you are applying it to the exterior of your property and exposing it to the elements. 

Benefit #2: Powder Coating Allows You To Be A Good Steward Of Your Environment

Another great benefit to powder coating is that it is safe on the environment as a whole and allows you to create less damage over the long run. A big reason for this is that liquid paint contains contaminants and compounds that can be harmful to the environment as a whole, especially if they find their way into water streams and supplies. You'll be able to get the same longevity without the inclusion of harmful pollutants by switching to powder coating paint as opposed to traditional paint. 

Benefit #3: Powder Coating Is Less Expensive Overall

You will be able to save some money by switching to powder coating also. This product allows you to be less wasteful, since you have a 60 to 70 percent transfer efficiency. This is a difference of the 30 to 5 percent transfer efficiency that you will receive when dealing with traditional paint. Aside from potential savings due to better efficiency, the cost of powder coating paint itself is less costly than regular paint. This will allow you to seriously cut into your budget for any project that you are dealing with. 

Take advantage of these benefits by seeking powder coating for your next paint job.

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